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Stay connected with your customers with an easy-to-use helpdesk software

Freshdesk helps you focus on what matters the most - supporting your customers.

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Engage in customer conversations - anytime, anywhere

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Offer real-time assistance remotelyManage conversations across email, chat, phone, web, and social media on your helpdesk from wherever you are - all you need is a laptop or a cellphone.

Automate routine workflowsLet your support operations run on autopilot while you focus on having meaningful conversations.

Deflect common customer questions Document FAQs, how-tos, and help-guides to help your customers and your team find answers quickly.

Gather insights effortlesslyKeep tabs on team and agent workload and performance with custom reports and live-dashboards that capture data in real-time.

Let nothing get in the way of you engaging with your customers

Digitos process

Get started in minutes 

Digitos intuitive onboarding process allows your team to start supporting your customers in no time without requiring a costly onboarding plan or excessive hand-holding.

Digitos team work

Keep your team on the same page

Enable 1:1 or group discussions to communicate and collaborate within your team or across other teams on issues, projects, and ideas right from within Digitos.

Digitos Capability

Increase your capabilities

With 650+ apps on the Marketplace, Digitos allows you to boost your support strategy by integrating with a range of cutting edge applications.

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